Virtual Colonoscopy

During a virtual colonoscopy, your doctor does a CT scan of your abdomen and pelvis to create 3-D images. These images show polyps and other abnormalities inside your colon and rectum.  The greatest advantage of a virtual colonoscopy is the doctor is able to not only see what is inside your colon but also the area outside the colon.  This makes it possible to spot other problems in the pelvis area.  This isn't possible with a regular colonoscopy.

Colon-cleansing prep is required in both procedures, however, the tube used in a virtual colonoscopy is much shorter and you have a much lower risk for bleeding or tearing of the colon.  You will be exposed to more radiation than an x-ray but much less than a regular CT. This procedure is recommended every five years. Lower cost/less invasive and covered by most insurance plans. Help #EndCancer 

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