If you have Fever, Dry Cough, and Fatigue, despite a negative Coronavirus nasal swab, we strongly recommend that you come in for a second look, CT scan. 






Covid-19 represents a serious challenge to our healthcare system. It is critical to correctly differentiate this disease from other less serious infectious processes such as the flu, garden variety pneumonia, strep throat, etc. People with the Coronavirus can decompensate rapidly, and an accurate diagnosis is essential. Unfortunately, 20-40% of the PCR nasal swab tests are false negatives. These can take over 24-48 hours to get results and availability is often limited. This leaves the patients uninformed and could lead to unknowing infection.

Chest CT for Typical 2019-nCoV Pneumonia: Relationship to Negative RT-PCR Testing: Radiology.

At Blue Rock Medical we have installed in record time, an outpatient CT scanning system attached to our loading dock. In 5 minutes we are able to safely scan patients without having them enter our clinic area. We can also provide nasal swab testing and vital sign assessment.

Data from China and New York indicate that chest CT scans are highly sensitive and may be more accurate than the nasal swab PCT test for the diagnosis of Covid 19 disease. For more info see  https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/10.1148/radiol.2020200642)

Most insurance companies will pay for this examination. We are on most of the insurance panels of Utah including, IHC, Blue Cross, DMBA, and EMI. For those without insurance, we charge a cash price of $300. Regardless of ability to pay, patients with a need for CT and referred by their provider, will not be turned away. Please call the following number which is our Covid Screening Hotline to schedule an appointment. 801-229-1014

We do not wish these patients to come into the clinic, but rather to call from their car, to receive testing. They will drive down the back loading dock to our clinic, call the appropriate number, be scanned, and sent away after appropriate triage.