COVID-19 Information

Covid 19 represents a serious challenge to our healthcare system. It is critical to correctly differentiate this disease from other less serious infectious processes such as the flu, garden variety pneumonia, strep throat, etc. People with the Coronavirus can decompensate rapidly, and an accurate diagnosis is essential. Unfortunately, 20-40% of the PCR nasal swab tests are false negatives. These can take over 24-48 hours to get results and availability is often limited. Nasal swab PCR technologies take serial tests over several days before proper diagnosis can be made in some cases. This results in a continued chain of transmission, in the community and in families or some patients occupying a hospital bed to rule out the disease. Newer data is suggesting that treatments such as with anti-malarial drugs or other medicines can positively impact outcomes if initiated early; hence, an even more urgent reason for rapid diagnosis. Furthermore, we are concerned that as this epidemic spreads, it could overwhelm local hospital systems and result in long wait times. Patients that go to hospital emergency rooms in such situations may be unnecessarily exposed to other patients with deadly disease.

Please call our COVID-19 Screen Hotline prior to visiting our site for testing