We update our insurance compatibility list as often as possible to provide you with the most accurate information. We provide the following as a laminated sheet to any office in order to most easily access this information:

If your insurance is not listed above, please call our billing office at 801-437-4895. Some insurance companies may have plans we are not contracted with. Please call your insurance to check your benefits. If you do not currently have access to our laminated sheet and would like a physical copy, please call (801) 229-2002.

Our staff is available to submit and handle any pre-authorization for your patients. Just fax over the patient information listed below to 801-229-1003.


For your own convenience, we suggest contacting us or your health insurance provider to verify our participation in your plan, prior to your visit.

Generally speaking, if a patient does have insurance they will always be better off paying through that insurance. Insurance rates for procedures are almost always lower than the cost of the same procedure out-of-pocket. In the rare case that it isn’t, our billing department at Riverwoods would most likely charge them the lower, self-pay price. Paying through insurance, if they have it, ensures that they receive credit and benefits for that procedure cost which will go toward their deductible. There are also risks associated with receiving procedures paid of-out-pocket; if a condition is found through a scan and the scan was initially paid for out-of-pocket, the insurance company now recognizes this condition as a pre-existing one, even if that wasn’t the case.

Any questions about the specific rates for all procedures can be found upon request by contacting our front office at 801-229-2002. Riverwoods Imaging charges are lower than most out-of-pocket rates elsewhere.

In order for us to best serve you, here are some tips on helping us complete a smooth billing process:

Please provide full and accurate insurance information. Be prepared to provide proof of insurance, as well as any secondary coverage at the time of your visit. We will ask for photo identification. Having this information before you are seen creates a smoother dialogue between Riverwoods and your insurance.

Please understand the requirements of your insurance plan. Be aware of your benefits. If you’ve scheduled an appointment yourself, it’s important to notify your doctor in the case that pre-authorization is required on their part. Your plan may include co-payments and it is helpful to know these options before you come in for your visit. If there are any out-of-pocket expenses possibly not covered by insurance, it is helpful to know this so you can be prepared with proper payment at the time of your visit.

Please respond to your insurance company promptly. Riverwoods Imaging is a third party between you and your insurer. We want you reap all the benefits your plan offers, however, if our attempts to contact your insurance company do not resolve issues, you are ultimately financially responsible. It is in your best interest to keep track of queries from both your insurance company and Riverwoods Imaging to avoid an unnecessary bill.

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